Some Tips For Preparing For A Photo Session With Your Kids

Trust me…I Get It!

I know taking photos with your children is not an easy task. One of the biggest things that holds people back from booking a session is thinking it’s going to be too difficult to do with their high-energy kids. Just know– my kids are high energy too, and having the photos is so so worth it.

I wanted to come on the blog and share some of my tips for preparing for your session, because it doesn’t have to be stressful or hard!

Explain Your Desires

It is so important to remember that your photographer is for you! They are there to make sure you’re getting exactly what you are wanting and desiring for your shoot. They want you to feel beautiful, to love the experience of taking photos, and ultimately to look back on the photos with delight and fond memories. One of the ways that your photographer can do this best is if you clearly communicate your desires with them. This will help them in ensuring that it’s your best experience. 

Pamper Yourself

It’s also important to remember that these photos are for YOU. There aren’t many times when you, as the mom of the family get to feel important! Taking motherhood photos is the perfect opportunity for you to go all out! Get your nails done, hire someone to do your makeup or hair, and enjoy every moment of feeling special with your children. 

Here are some of my recommendations for hair and makeup–

Come Prepared

The last thing you want is to get to your session without an extra diaper or some powder to touch up your makeup. Below is a list of things I would suggest bringing to your session to ensure you have the best experience.

  1. Extra diapers
  2. Any extra makeup (lipstick, powder)
  3. A hairbrush
  4. Lots of snacks! You want to be able to bribe your kiddos 😉
  5. A change of clothes in case your little ones need it!

Some of my favorite snacks to bring include – granola bars, applesauce packets, fruit snacks, and trail mix!

Pro tip – keep your kids undressed on the ride to the shoot and let them have a snack in the car. When you arrive, you can dress them! This helps avoid wrinkles and pills and they will have happy tummies!

Remember To Enjoy It

These sessions should be fun! Getting photos done with your family and your littles ones is something that should be full of joy!The last thing your photographer wants is for you to come into the session dreading it. Although corralling kids can be difficult, your photographer is well experienced and wants to ensure that your experience is enjoyable! So trust your photographer, and have fun! 

I’m excited for you to feel prepared and special at your next session!




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April 26, 2023



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